Colonial Electronic Banking

Colonial Bank Electronic Banking

Online Banking, Colonial BillPay & Bank-by-Phone

Easy. Safe. Secure. Manage your finances more efficiently with Online Banking, Bill Pay and Bank-by-Phone in a secure, simple-to-use environment — from your home, business or on the road by computer, smartphone or landline.

Get 24/7 secure access to view balances, browse transactions, make transfers, set up bills to be paid automatically and more — unlimited access and free.

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  • Colonial BillPay
    Free Online Bill Payment to any entity with a U.S. address. It's a safer way to pay your bills. View and pay bills without the cost of stamps and delay of snail mail.
  • Unlimited Online Fund Transfers
    Easily transfer money between eligible accounts without ever picking up the phone or visiting us! See Terms & Conditions.
  • Other Essential Features
    Stop-payments. Paper-free Statements. Much more. Ask us.

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No internet access required!
Colonial Voice Master Banking by Phone
Voice Master Banking by Phone

Sometimes you need something more traditional—like simple technology. Colonial's Free Banking-by-Phone is the answer. All you need is a touchtone phone—wired or unwired.

Sign up for Colonial Free Bank-by-Phone at any office. Once activated, it is as easy as dialing any phone.

Colonial's Free Bank-by-Phone is available 24/7, Toll-Free by phone at 1-800-436-5132.

Bank-by-Phone complements your Colonial BillPay and Internet Banking perfectly. Landline or smartphone, Bank-by-Phone is always dependably at your fingertips for:

Deposit Services Info:

  • Current & available balance information
  • Deposit transaction information
  • Year-to-date interest

Mortgage & Consumer Loans Information:

  • Account principal
  • Payments
  • Transaction activity

Checking Accounts:

  • Place a stop order on a check
  • Review the last 5 transactions posted to your account
  • Confirm check clearings by number
  • Receive Fax-back of interim statements detailing items cleared since your last statement
  • Easily reorder checks

Transfer Funds:

  • Make transfers from any Colonial Statement Savings account to any Colonial Checking account.
  • Make transfers from any Colonial Checking account to any Colonial Statement Savings account.
  • Make transfers from any Colonial Checking or Colonial Statement Savings account to make a loan payment.

Transaction limitations apply. See Terms and Conditions.

How to Use Colonial Free Bank-by-Phone

Just dial 1-800-436-5132 from any touchtone phone (landline or mobile device). If you are a first time user, you will have to enroll in the system by pressing the Star (*) Key. Follow the prompts and don’t forget to change your security code.

Otherwise, about which of these would you like to inquire?

  • Balance or Transaction History: PRESS 1
  • Transfers & Loan Payments: PRESS 2
  • Receive a Fax Statement: PRESS 6, then follow the prompts
  • Change your Security Code: PRESS 5, then follow the prompts
  • Place a Stop-Payment on a Check: PRESS 5, then follow the prompts
  • Place a Reorder of Checks: PRESS 5, then follow the prompts
  • Change Phone Number: PRESS 5, then follow the prompts
  • Receive a Faxed Checks: PRESS 5, then follow the prompts
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